What happens when you don't safely remove your flash drive?

Answer Nothing should really happen if it's just sitting in there and it's taken out. If you're putting stuff on it, or taking stuff off it, and it's taken out, that data could be erased or get messed up

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Do we have to always choose the "safely remove hardware" option in Windows when removing a flash drive?

You should alway use that to remove the disk from your computer..If you dont, the disk will become unusable and you wont be able to reformat or even use it at all.Even if you plug it in, it wont be... Read More »

What happens when you dont have room for your widm teeth in your mouth?

Thats exactly what happens. They get removed.

Can you safely refrigerate a flash drive?

and why would you do that? To preserve your photos?

Is it okay to disconnect a flash drive or any usb device without going and safely removing it?

Absolutely NOT. If you do so you are taking the chance of wiping or damaging your USB stick. You should always disconnect it it from the OS before removing it. It has happened to me before because ... Read More »