What happens when you don't pay a child support judgement?

Answer It varies from state to state, but in general you can have your license suspended, income tax return taken, pay check garnished, and/or face jail time. When making child support payments NEVER NEV... Read More »

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What happens when they dont prove child abuse?

The child is sometimes called a 'liar' or an 'attention seeking child'. This may happenis common in verbal/emotional abuse situations when the child feels something is wrong but over-reacts to the ... Read More »

What happens when you don't pay child support?

As in all states, a non-custodial parent (the parent whom the child does not live with on a full-time basis) is obligated by the State of California to help provide monetary support for the child. ... Read More »

What happens to child support when the children are in dss custody?

You should contact your attorney. It is likely that you should be paying the support to DSS.

What happens when a judgement is filed against you?

If you defend yourself in a debt lawsuit and lose or neglect to appear at the hearing after being sued, the judge will grant a judgment to the plaintiff. The plaintiff then becomes a "judgment cred... Read More »