How to Divide by Powers of 10?

Answer Division of numbers by a power of 10 is more of a numerical rearrangement than a mathematical operation. When dividing a number by a power of 10, think of the power of 10's exponent as a dial, sinc... Read More »

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Isn't it time to sub-divide?

Yes, I whole-heartedly agree. In addition to the categories you had mentioned, I feel that there should be categories for "Steam Locomotives", "Diesel-Electric Locomotives", "Freight", and "Passeng... Read More »

How to Divide Your Salary?

Division is a mathematical process used to determine how many times one quantity goes into another quantity. The number being divided is known as the dividend; the number going into the dividend is... Read More »

How to Divide Using Logarithms?

Divide one number by another using Logarithms. This changes division into an easy process of subtraction with some simple multiplication. We will use Common Logarithms. There are also Natural Logar... Read More »

How to Divide Something Without Litigating?

You often need to divide something - a piece of cake, for example - and litigate because "your piece is bigger than mine". In this how-to, you will learn how to prevent these conflicts with a metho... Read More »