What happens when you delete C:/program files?

Answer Windows stores the files for all the applications installed on your computer under the C:\Program Files folder so deleting this folder will render your computer pretty much useless. Windows MAY st... Read More »

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What Happens to files when you delete them.?

In a computer the file system works on indexes. All the files that are residing physically on your hard drive are listed on a index maintained by the operating system (Windows/Linux etc).Indexes co... Read More »

What happens when you delete your recycle bin?

Windows won't allow you to do that because after you delete your recycle bin, it goes into itself and if you empty the recycle bin it goes into a Infinite delete loop that causes your CPU to overlo... Read More »

What happens when files are zipped?

"Zipping" allows computer files to be compressed to a smaller size--sometimes much smaller--so they can be transmitted more quickly. Essentially, it works by identifying frequently used pieces of c... Read More »

What happens when a company files for bankruptcy?

When a company files for bankruptcy, it is acknowledging its insolvency and need to eliminate lots of debt. While in bankruptcy, a judge may discharge some debts and put the company on a path towar... Read More »