What happens when you breed a larger male dog with a smaller female?

Answer Many times the breeding between larger males and smaller females comes from loose dogs in heat. Breeding a 10-lb. female miniature dachshund with a 13-lb. male miniature dachshund isn't an issue. I... Read More »

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Which is larger: the female or male ape?

In all apes, except for some types of gibbon, the male is significantly larger than the female. This sexual dimorphism is the result of the apes' mating strategies directing the evolution of their ... Read More »

Are male or female chinchillas larger?

The female chinchilla is usually slightly larger than the male chinchilla. This is the case in both the chinchilla lanigera species and the chinchilla brevicaudata species of this native South Amer... Read More »

When can you breed a male dog?

On One Hand: As Soon As They Are FertileMale puppies will mount other puppies before they are even weaned. But male puppies are not fertile until they are anywhere from 6 to 12 months, according to... Read More »

How young can a male dog be to breed?

Sexual maturity in male dogs depends on size and breed. Sperm production is possible for most dogs by the age of 10 months, according to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. However, it is rec... Read More »