What happens when you breed a larger male dog with a smaller female?

Answer Many times the breeding between larger males and smaller females comes from loose dogs in heat. Breeding a 10-lb. female miniature dachshund with a 13-lb. male miniature dachshund isn't an issue. I... Read More »

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When can you breed a male dog?

On One Hand: As Soon As They Are FertileMale puppies will mount other puppies before they are even weaned. But male puppies are not fertile until they are anywhere from 6 to 12 months, according to... Read More »

When can a male English Bulldog start to breed?

Male and female English Bulldogs can be bred after they reach at least a year and a half in age. The 18-month waiting period allows the dogs to mature and be sure they are disease- and complication... Read More »

What happens when a male takes female hormones?

Estrogen is a female hormone that men occasionally men have to take for medical reasons. However, taking female hormones can cause some adverse side effects.ReasonsEstrogen is necessary for men's h... Read More »

What happens when the male penis goes inside the women's vagina?

This is called sexual intercourse. If birth control is not practiced it can lead to pregnancy.