What happens when you brake your nose?

Answer It stops running?

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What Happens When Your Brake Booster Goes Bad?

You should be allowed at least one hard stop when the booster itself is goes bad. After, stopping may take longer. You should then begin pulling over while on the road. Applying the brakes may take... Read More »

What happens if you put horseradish up your nose?

I THINK IT WOULD BE TINGLING UR NOSEMy suggestion: First off if you're sticking horseradish up your nose you really need to have your head checked. I say this because if you've ever eaten it, you ... Read More »

What Happens When a Brake Rotor Breaks?

Modern disc brakes are very effective and reliable. From time to time, a brake rotor can break, creating an immediate threat to motoring safety. A broken rotor must be replaced as soon as possible ... Read More »

What Happens If Brake Fluid Gets on Brake Pads?

Brake pads are the part of a breaking system that pinch down on the disc or drum to transfer stopping power from the system's master cylinder to the vehicle's wheels. As such, brake pads should nev... Read More »