What happens when you blow your eardrum?

Answer exactly what you just describes. go to the ear doctor. and stay away from the headphones.

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Did I blow my eardrum?

You may have ruptured your eardrum, but not necessarily. Let the doctor take a look at it and make the diagnosis. Incidentally, I once overdid what you did (not with the Q-tip, but by blowing the n... Read More »

What to do if you need to blow your nose and have nothing to blow it on?

suck it back in baby! Suck it back in!!!!

What happens if you blow smoke into a vacuum cleaner?

It comes out of the vacuums exhaust equally as smelly

What happens if you blow into a baby's nose is it harmful?

In some cases, it could be harmful if too much force is applied and depending on the condition of the baby otherwise. There is no medical reason for this to be done unless you are performing CPR on... Read More »