What happens when you are given birth?

Answer You have a baby!

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What happens when a military award is given for secret operations?

The citation usually will be abbreviated to something along the lines of 'For services rendered.' The full citation will only be available once the record is no longer classified.

What happens when giving birth to a baby?

Many things happen when giving birth to a baby. Is there something in particular that you want to know? Are you wanting to know about a vaginal birth or a cesarean section?

What happens when a orthodox Jew gives birth?

Everyone celebrates just like in all other faiths. If the baby is a boy, he receives a baby skullcap and he gets circumcised at 8 days old.

When you adopt a child who was born in Georgia that now lives in Ohio what happens when their birth mother changes her mind?

Answer If the adoption was finalized, then it will be an uphill battle for the birth mother. The more time which goes by after an adoption, the more trying it is for a child to just switch homes. ... Read More »