What happens when windows expires?

Answer Do you mean when it is no longer supported? All that happens is that you will no longer get Windows updates. The operating system will still work OK. I actually read a question on here tonight from... Read More »

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What happens when a driving permit expires?

Driving permits are issued to people when they are learning to drive. The age at which you can receive a permit varies from state to state, as does the permit's duration of validity.DefinitionA per... Read More »

What Happens When a Driver's Permit Expires?

While each state has different laws, if your driver's permit has expired, you typically are given a grace period of a year to renew it without having to retake the written and vision tests. Check w... Read More »

What Happens When My COBRA Expires If I Am in the Hospital?

COBRA insurance is available to people that have lost their health insurance. COBRA is a short term for the U.S. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. Most employers are required to offer... Read More »

What happens when your visa expires?

Visas are issued for several different reasons. They allow people to work, study and visit within a country that's outside of their citizenship. Visas are often issued with a closing date. It is ve... Read More »