What happens when two siblings are fighting for guardianship of a parent?

Answer breast being sore vomiting and having to use the restroom every 30 mins

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Can a person who has guardianship of a minor from the legal parent in turn appoint guardianship to someone else without the consent of the original parent?

Answer No! I am a child of divorced parents and that can not be done. trust me i know! I am 16 years old!

What happens to support when non custodial parent re marries?

Remarriage does not affect the child support obligation.Generally nothing as it's not specifically applicable at the time. see articles at link below

If a child has lived with one parent for 17 years and then comes to live with the other parent who has legal guardianship?

funny answer.. Well.... The person who has legal guardianship is the person who has LEGAL guardianship. If the mother has custody, no matter where that child moves (untill their 17th or 18th birth... Read More »

In what situation can a parent transfer guardianship to an older sibling?

If the parents have legally given up the child, the death of both parents, both parents are in prison, both parents have psychiatric problems and aren't able to raise a child, and much more reasons... Read More »