What happens when thr was no internet?

Answer sun exposure, more vitamin D !

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What Happens When a Credit Debt Judgment Happens?

Credit cards provide a rapid and convenient way for consumers to make purchases. Unfortunately, that same speed and convenience makes overspending more likely. If an individual fails to keep close ... Read More »

What happens if someone lies about you abusing drugs in the military... Does an investigation get started... What happens when they investigate?

If you're not using drugs, the investigation will find that out. Why are you worried?

"internet not responding.. internet restarting" - This happens all the time?

Dear BJ., Seriously speaking, if you get the message "internet not responding.. internet restarting" all the time, it's very highly possible that your computer has already been infected by virus... Read More »

What happens if there was no INTERNET?

Information transfer would be slower and mass communication would be much harder. Will be similar to that soon, more like a series of channels after government regulations. Its all a conspiracy man... Read More »