What happens when there is no split in the brain hemispheres?

Answer 4'7 and girls are 4'9

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What can happen if there is bleeding between the left and right brain hemispheres of a 5 month old baby. It was not a stroke.?

What Happens in a Split-Brain Experiment?

Split-brain experiments were first carried out in the 1960s. At the time, epilepsy was commonly cured by separating the hemispheres of the brain, short-circuiting the neural storms that cause epile... Read More »

What is split brain research?

Your brain is the greatest supercomputer, capable of transmitting messages at 150 miles an hour. The corpus callosum connects the right and left hemispheres, enabling those messages to reach both s... Read More »

In which 2 hemispheres is Canada located?

Canada is located in the northern and the western hemispheres. The line between the eastern and western hemispheres is usually drawn to separate Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia from North and So... Read More »