What happens when the ipod nano is not turning on?

Answer as in any case. always check power first. Does your ipod charge when connected?When an Ipod nano is not turning on charge it and check if it has been locked at the bottom because mine wouldn't turn... Read More »

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What happens if you plug the iPod nano into the computer when the computer is off?

Ipod nano isn't turning on?

Your ipod nano 2 gen is not turning off or anything?

From your description, it sounds like it's frozen. The website has instruction for getting their devices unfrozen. Use the USB cable to hook it up to your computer, then visit the Apple w... Read More »

What happens if my ipod nano is frozen and wont trun off can you help me?

You need to reset it. Hold the middle button and menu button down for a few seconds. This will NOT affect your songs. Good luck!!