What happens when the antibiotics do not get rid of the abscess?

Answer As a dentist I can assure you that antibiotics will help reduce the infection, but an abscess never really goes away until the tooth is fixed. Depending on how bad the infection is and how large i... Read More »

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Why aren't antibiotics helping abscess tooth pain?

Answer Antibiotics will help the pain in the long term, but for the current pain, take ibuprofen or whatever your dentist prescribed. If it's still very painful, call your dentist.

Is a painless lump on the gum of an 11-year-old boy normal if it has been there 4 weeks and hasn't shrunk even after a course of antibiotics from the dentist who thought it was caused by an abscess?

Answer If it is painless then I seriously doubt that it is an abscess? If the antibiotics have not decreased the size then it could very well be just a bony protrusion that is just now developing... Read More »

How does an acute abscess develop into a chronic abscess?

Your body will fight the infection, building a thin wall around the end of the root, and containing the pus that is leaking . In many cases the initial pain and swelling go away, but the chronic ... Read More »

Can you die from an abscess?

It can get into the blood stream, and from there you can get septicemia. That isn't the bad part. Once it gets into the blood, it can possibly cause an abscess in any other tissue in the body (ev... Read More »