What happens when the Fed raises interest rates?

Answer The Federal Reserve System was created by Congress in 1913 to regulate U.S. Commerce. Perhaps its most important duty is setting the Prime Rate. This is the level of interest banks charge each oth... Read More »

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What Happens to Commercial Banks When the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, commercial banks are affected in several ways. These activities by the Federal Reserve will limit the funds banks have for lending and it affects the... Read More »

Why does the Fed cut interest rates?

The Federal Reserve System--the "Fed," for short--uses interest rate reductions to stimulate economic activity. The Fed's influence over interest rates is one of its most powerful tools.The FedThe ... Read More »

The Best Interest Rates for a Loan?

Credit is what you are given, and debt is what you will carry. The latter is always heavier than the former. The weight of that burden is determined significantly by the interest rate attached to a... Read More »

Who invented interest rates?

The history of interest rates goes back thousands of years to the time of ancient Greece and the biblical Old Testament. No recorded data clearly identifies the first society to begin the practice... Read More »