What happens when sucrose is heated?

Answer Sucrose, commonly known as table sugar, is an organic compound made up of one molecule of fructose and one molecule of glucose. As sucrose is heated, it passes through the various stages important ... Read More »

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Is a gas heated pool cheaper to operate than an electric heated pool?

Your pool heating costs with gas and electric will vary greatly depending on the weather of the area you live in, costs of gas and electricity service, and the efficiency of the heater you choose.... Read More »

What is sucrose in?

Sucrose is another name for common white table sugar. It occurs naturally in sugar beets, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables. Sucrose is added to items such as baked goods, beer and wine, soft drinks... Read More »

Is sucrose a ketose?

Because sucrose is a complex disaccharide, it is not classified as either an aldose or a ketone. Instead, it is a compound that contains both. It can be easily broken down into its component aldose... Read More »