What happens when sucrose is heated?

Answer Sucrose, commonly known as table sugar, is an organic compound made up of one molecule of fructose and one molecule of glucose. As sucrose is heated, it passes through the various stages important ... Read More »

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What happens when a protein is heated too much?

When a protein is heated too much, it is denatured and loses its native conformation. This conformational change can significantly change the properties of the protein. For instance, denatured enzy... Read More »

When a container of gas is heated, what happens to the average speed of its molecules?

When a container of gas is heated, the average speed of its molecules rises. When heat is applied to any gas or liquid, the molecules move faster than at the lower temperature. Equally, the kinetic... Read More »

What Happens If a Heated O2 Sensor Goes Bad?

Oxygen sensors provide important data that is used by an engine's computer to adjust the air and fuel used for combustion. When an oxygen sensor fails, the engine operates less efficiently than des... Read More »

When metal is heated what is the color chart?

Metals heated to a high temperature begin to glow with characteristic colors that can be represented on a color chart or table. For instance, steel begins to glow at 750 degrees Fahrenheit, becomes... Read More »