What happens when probable cause disappears?

Answer Probable cause is a constitutional right held by every person in the United States. Without probable cause, a person may not be pursued for criminal prosecution and vital evidence may be thrown ou... Read More »

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When a sock disappears from a dryer, where does it go?

Family Guy - Season 1 Episode 4 - Mind over Murder That should clear some things up for you.

My tumblr banner always disappears overnight!?

download the banner and upload onto more reliable image sharing hosting. Perhaps, linuxenvy simply turned off every night

When a friend disappears from your facebook friends list, do you...?

Who would do such a thing like deleting their facebook account? Must be one crazy broad!You can always text her. I heard she wants to send you a Christmas card but needs your address.

When a tooth disappears, do the rest of the teeth shift to fill in the gap?

It will take some time but yes, the teeth will shift and fill in the gap. And no one can really know for sure what your teeth will look like after they have shifted. But I doubt you will have a bun... Read More »