What happens when fetus stomach stops growing?

Answer If you mean the abdominal circumference, it sometimes means the placenta is not working well and the baby may need to be delivered soon. If the placenta is not working as well as it should, the bab... Read More »

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What are the risks when the fetus isn't growing at a normal rate?

Answer It means you are going to have a small baby with the attendant problems. However, even if they think the baby is not growing proeprly that may be wrong.I had twins and was induced at 36 we... Read More »

What happens when the heart stops?

Blood drains from capillaries in the upper surfaces and collects in the blood vessels in the lower surfaces. Upper surfaces of the body become pale and the lower surfaces become dark. Cells cease a... Read More »

What Happens When a Transmission Stops Working?

Acne can be an embarrassing skin condition that can leave behind scarring, including skin discolorations and deep pits on the face. Although some scarring cannot be treated naturally, such as the "... Read More »

What happens to the fetus when pregnant women take thalidomide?