What happens when a lawn mower blade hits an object that it can't chop, move, or otherwise overcome?

Answer When you hit a rough/hard object it will most likely bend the blade. The impact may be powerful enough to shear the flywheel key. They make the key in the flywheel very thin, and not very hard so... Read More »

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What happens when one gets cut by rusty object?

Many people associate tetanus with rusty nails and other dirty objects, but any wound can be a source. Less common ways of getting tetanus are animal scratches and bites, surgical wounds, dental wo... Read More »

What Happens If Electricity Hits Water?

It is common knowledge that you shouldn't use electrical appliances around water because it is very dangerous. Hair dryers, for instance, always have a tag warning the user to not put the hair drye... Read More »

What Happens Before a Tornado Hits?

Tornadoes are violent, destructive storms that wreak havoc and devastation across their paths. Although every tornado will not display the same warning signs before it occurs, certain weather patte... Read More »

What is the force that keeps an object in orbit?

Every object contains a gravitational field that exerts force on other objects. Massive bodies, such as planets, attract objects that revolve around them. Gravity and an object's sideways motion en... Read More »