What happens when an infant catches mono?

Answer When I was a child my mother used Zinc Ointment. But my first suggestion would be to take the child to a skin Dr. Hope this helps.Use emollients every day. Do not hesitate to apply topical steroids... Read More »

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This would be covered by the Comprehensive part of your policy. It usually requires the same deductible as collision coverage, but may be a different amount. Expect the insurance adjustor to be rat... Read More »

What Happens in an Infant Baptism Ceremony?

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What happens if infant develops a fever of 100.1 and has Laryngomalacia should I be concerned?

well of 100.11 fever you should take chanrge.if its gets higher than 104.5 take to the hosital.if your a kid like me trying to cure this than look up under fever facts 101.

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Ovens are a great way to cook food, but they can also be a hazard.