What happens when a woman organisms ?

Answer Hi chelsey there is nothing wrong with you it just means your bladder is not so weak so you do not release this clear liquid which is similar in it's contents to the man and his ejac... Read More »

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What happens when a man ejaculates in a pregnant woman?

Nothing because she is already pregnant so she cant get pregnant twice.

What happens when a pregnant woman drinks?

Your child most likely have birth defects, your child won't be healthy,your child may be born with diseases such as autism. Please do not drink while pregnant and if you already did then first off ... Read More »

What happens when a pregnant woman gets Swine Flu?

She is at more risk for complications of the flu with the swine flu during pregnancy because of the stress and strain that her immune system is under from the pregnancy that makes it less efficient... Read More »

What happens to the blood when a woman dies while on her period?

Women in comas continue to menstruate unless there some other reason that interrupts the cycle.Once you die, the hormonal negative feedback cycle is interrupted and menstruation ceases. Not immedia... Read More »