What happens when a well runs dry?

Answer Dry wells have many causes. Most wells are dependent upon groundwater levels, also known as the water table. When seasonal drought lowers the water table, a well can run dry. In addition to low wat... Read More »

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What Happens When a Fuel Injected Car Runs Out of Gas?

When you run out of gas, your car will obviously stall. However, you may experience many further problems, especially if your engine uses fuel injectors, and may even find yourself in a life-threat... Read More »

What Happens When the U Joint Doesn't Work Well?

A universal joint, often called a U-joint, connects the drive shaft to the differential on many vehicles. The design, based on the ancient concept of the gimbal, allows power to be transferred from... Read More »

What Happens When Your UI Money Runs Out Before Your Claim End Date?

Unemployment insurance has the purpose of providing a limited amount and duration of income during times of job loss for individuals whose unemployment came about through no fault of their own, as ... Read More »

What happens when food does not digest well in a person ?

Bad reactions, bad fermentations in the gut, bad gases that can gettrapped in the system, toxins forming and then lots of fat stored notonly to deal with the excess but also with the toxins that ar... Read More »