What happens when a plant lacks phosphorus?

Answer Plants that lack phosphorus don't grow. Specifically, phosphorus is one of the three main nutrients that give plants a good start on life. Nitrogen promotes above ground growth of shoots that we ca... Read More »

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What happens when you do not have phosphorus?

Phosphorus contributes to overall growth. For people, good sources of phosphorus are dairy, fish and meat products. For plants, the source of phosphorus is the same as that for other necessary nutr... Read More »

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What does phosphorus do to a plant?

Phosphorus is used by the plant to promote bloom development and to establish roots.

Phosphorus Plant Fertilizer?

Plants require phosphorus in large amounts for adequate growth. A plant deficient in phosphorus will show stunted growth or leaf browning that spreads upward on the plant. To prevent phosphorus def... Read More »