What happens when a pill you've swallowed goes down the wrong tube?

Answer its unlikely this would actually happen. It may get stuck on the way to your stomach. That you cant feel it says its either in your stomach or actually has gotten into your lungs. Your raised heart... Read More »

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Swallowed half of a macrobid pill - what happens?

Call the number on the medicine this instant.

You tube not working , when I open any video in you tube , although the you tube page opens, but the part?

Yeah that happens sometimes with me too just reload/refresh the page!

Can you get pregnant after being on the pill for only 1 and a half months then stopping the pill...I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo?

You will become fertile again 2-4 weeks after you stop taking it.

Took the plan b pill a day after unprotected sex its a week later and there is some nausea dizziness and fatigue could that be side effects from the pill?

Answer Its possible this can be side effects of the Plan B pill.