What happens when a person violates a visa?

Answer Visa violations happen in different ways. Being involved in a crime, overstaying a visa, working or going to school without the proper visa are all visa violations. These visa violations can be pun... Read More »

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Can a person with a work visa own property?

A foreign national's work visa status in the United States does not preclude him from owning property. However, certain risk factors deter many foreign nationals from purchasing real estate. The te... Read More »

Can I apply for an Ireland visa in person or only by mail?

You can not apply in person or by mail for a visa to visit Ireland. Everyone who wishes to apply for a visa to Ireland must apply online. It is no longer possible to use a paper application.Source:... Read More »

Can a person with a F1 visa be a full-time contractor?

Students working on an F1 visa can work as a full-time contractor only after the first year of schooling, and only if contracting pertains to their field of study. Otherwise, F1 visa holders are on... Read More »

Switzerland single entry visa person csn also go in spain?

Please understand that Schengen visa, although they are valid for the entire Schengen area in general, still must be applied for at the Embassy/Consulate General of the country which either is the ... Read More »