What happens when a person violates a visa?

Answer Visa violations happen in different ways. Being involved in a crime, overstaying a visa, working or going to school without the proper visa are all visa violations. These visa violations can be pun... Read More »

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What happens when your visa expires?

Visas are issued for several different reasons. They allow people to work, study and visit within a country that's outside of their citizenship. Visas are often issued with a closing date. It is ve... Read More »

What happens when a person eat one large cake?

That person gets indigestion and an attack of diarrhea.Have a Good Day.

What happens to debt when a person dies?

Debts and finances can be difficult and confusing to deal with, and sorting through the finances of a loved one after his death is even more challenging. It is therefore quite important to underst... Read More »

What happens when a person gets shot?

If you are thinking about harming yourself on purpose, please click on the Related Question below! If you are just wondering because you saw something on TV or heard about something or read someth... Read More »