What happens when a newborn baby doesn't cry?

Answer If a new born baby doesn't cry it means that he/she loves you already and there is no need to bond with it at all. You have done a good job talking to it the whole way though your pregancey

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When is a baby considered a newborn?

The first weeks of life after birth constitute the newborn period.

When can a newborn baby take a bath?

Up until your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off you can sponge your baby with a wet washcloth. After that happens (around 10 days old), you can start to give your baby tub baths.

When does a newborn baby learn to crawl?

Answer Babies will learn to crawl at a variety of ages, ranging from 6 months to 13 months.

What happens when a baby overheats?

the baby will explode of course.. All the blood will fly everywhere and the place will be dirty and messed up with lots of baby blood .. dont overheat the child its dangerous.. very dangerous