What happens when a male takes female hormones?

Answer Estrogen is a female hormone that men occasionally men have to take for medical reasons. However, taking female hormones can cause some adverse side effects.ReasonsEstrogen is necessary for men's h... Read More »

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What Happens to Males Taking Female Hormones?

Estrogen is the principal female sex hormone, found predominantly in women. Estrogen is also present, to a lesser degree, in men. The primary male sex hormone, testosterone, regulates sexual devel... Read More »

What happens when you breed a larger male dog with a smaller female?

Many times the breeding between larger males and smaller females comes from loose dogs in heat. Breeding a 10-lb. female miniature dachshund with a 13-lb. male miniature dachshund isn't an issue. I... Read More »

What happens when a pregnant women takes drugs?

Everything that you eat when you are pregnant goes into your baby's body. So do drugs. Babies that have mother's that took drugs while pregnant often have distorted faces and develop diseases like ... Read More »

What happens when property management company takes over and you have no rental agreement?

Tenancy law is different in different countries but the "property management company taking over" part is neither here nor there. For the UK, if you do not have a rental agreement in place then as ... Read More »