What happens when a lien is put on your home by the homeowners association?

Answer Your association placed a lien on your property based on your failure to pay your assessments. The easiest way for you to clear the lien is to pay the debt you owe and ask the association to releas... Read More »

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Can a Homeowners Association file a lien against you for the state of the interior of your home?

Only if the interior of your home is visible from a public area of the HOA (which I can't imagine). By the way, the HOA would not file a lien, rather a Certificate of Non Compliance, or something l... Read More »

How does the Home Owner Association go about lien a homeowner who refuses to pay for his roof approved by the homeowners?

If your governing documents give the board the authority to replace major components of commonly owned assets, or if they give the board the authority to dictate replacement of privately owned asse... Read More »

Does a homeowners association in Florida have to give notice to the property owner of their intent to file a lien prior to filing a lien?

Read your governing documents to determine your responsibilities and how they figure into any lien process. Usually, your assessments represent a statutory lien on your title, which is made formal ... Read More »

How does a homeowners association place a lien against a property?

Find an HOA-savvy attorney who can help you file a lien on the title of the property.