What happens when a house goes into foreclosure?

Answer Foreclosure is the process by which a lender repossesses a property securing a defaulted loan. New consumer protection legislation in our changing economy will continue to affect the specific forec... Read More »

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What happens to the house in a foreclosure?

It is important that a homeowner make regular mortgage payments to his lender. If he fails to do so, the lender has the legal right to seize his home through foreclosure.FactsWhen an individual fin... Read More »

How to Buy a Foreclosure House With a Loan?

For those with credit good enough to secure a mortgage loan, a struggling housing market presents the opportunity to buy a foreclosed upon home at a discount. Fortunately, buying a house in foreclo... Read More »

Can I Rent a House That Is Going into Foreclosure?

Tenants can rent a house that is going into foreclosure, although it is not recommended for those looking for a long-term rental. Tenants should verify the laws for the state in which they reside t... Read More »

What Happens When a House Goes into Foreclosure in Florida?

Foreclosures have been a common term used since the housing boom and bust in early 2008. Foreclosures happen when a borrower takes out money for a home from a lender and cannot make monthly payment... Read More »