What happens when a girl looks at a boy naked?

Answer hmm, anything can happen...but if the boy and girl really like each other, are boyfriend and girlfriend, and have talked it through, making sure they both agree to it, they just might have sex. If ... Read More »

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Girls> can you tell how a guy looks naked or do you often get surprises?

usually i am pleasantly surprised... like they may look skinny and woow they have a 6-pack. things that make me go "wow" are muscles and tanness (not saying that you have to be buff and tan of cour... Read More »

What happens when you freeze Girl Scout, Thin Mints?

Teen guys.. Is it a turn off when a girl looks like a complete idiot in gym class?

Probably when the girl does it on purpose, but in your case, no.

What happens when a young girl gets pregnant while in foster care?

Some group homes are specifically for foster kids with kids. Also, if it happens when the foster kid is with a family, the family can agree to keep both or bounce the pregnant foster kid and then ... Read More »