What happens when a dog loses his hair?

Answer When a dog loses his hair, it is usually a sign of an underlying health issue. If left untreated, the loss of his hair can lead to more health problems.Dog HairA dog's coat of hair renews itself in... Read More »

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When a girl loses her virginity............?

Does a DVD loses quality when replicated?

I dont think there should be any quality degradation when copying the DVD. Since you have Nero you could replicate the DVDs. I usually dont do a direct copy of DVD's.I copy the entire DVD contents ... Read More »

What do you do if your Mom loses trust in you And how can I make it up to her?

when your parents don't trust you and it is to late too say sorry do all your said to! try extra hard in everything don't bring yourself down! if you do this you feel good and so will your parents ... Read More »

Which atom loses electron easily?

There is no one atom that loses its electron easier than the rest. How easily an atom gains or loses an electron is based on its ionizing energy. Atoms with low ionizing energy lose electrons fairl... Read More »