What happens when a company writes a bad check?

Answer Similar to writing a bad personal check, writing a bad business check has the same repercussions and more. Always keep detailed records of checks and available cash in your bank account.ReputationW... Read More »

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What Happens When the Bank Writes Off a Car Loan?

A car is a necessity in most people's lives, particularly for people who do not live near public transportation. While a car may be necessary, the nicest, sportiest or most luxurious car is not. Th... Read More »

What happens when I win my law suit against the company were I was hurt and I am on social security diability income Do I loose it or can I combine the two incomes what happens to my ssdi income?

AnswerTry searching the Social Security webiste here would be considered a secondary payer and would have to have an EOB from the primary company before... Read More »

What Is a Company That Writes Surety Bonds?

Companies that underwrite surety bonds are essentially guaranteeing the performance of one party to another party. The other two parties may be a contractor and a project owner, or a license holder... Read More »

What happens when a company files for bankruptcy?

When a company files for bankruptcy, it is acknowledging its insolvency and need to eliminate lots of debt. While in bankruptcy, a judge may discharge some debts and put the company on a path towar... Read More »