What happens when a company writes a bad check?

Answer Similar to writing a bad personal check, writing a bad business check has the same repercussions and more. Always keep detailed records of checks and available cash in your bank account.ReputationW... Read More »

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What Is a Company That Writes Surety Bonds?

Companies that underwrite surety bonds are essentially guaranteeing the performance of one party to another party. The other two parties may be a contractor and a project owner, or a license holder... Read More »

Can a check cashing company cash a check payable to a business?

On One Hand: Not GenerallyIn most cases, a check cashing operation will only cash checks you can prove are written to you. Since you're not likely to have a driver's license or other identification... Read More »

How to Do a Credit Check on a Company?

Business owners need to run credit checks on other companies before deciding whether to offer credit terms when selling business-to-business. Businesses also run credit checks on themselves to catc... Read More »

How to Check if a Company Is Genuine?

Scams are an unfortunate aspect of life. A company may look genuine, but in reality, it could turn out to be a scam. Luckily, there are a few things that can throw up a red flag, and help prevent y... Read More »