What happens when a clutch goes bad?

Answer The clutch disengages the engine from the transmission when you stop your car, thus preventing the engine from stalling. When the clutch fails, you will have problems shifting gears and you may hea... Read More »

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Directions for the 1993 Nissan Truck Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement Clutch?

The clutch slave cylinder in your 1993 Nissan truck converts your foot pedal pressure to hydraulic pressure for shifting gears. It may be time to replace the clutch slave cylinder when your clutch ... Read More »

How Far Should a Clutch Fork Move to Disengage a Clutch?

Keratin tipped hair extensions are applied to the hair using the fusion method, which involves melting keratin (the adhesive) with a heat wand, then rolling the softened keratin around a very small... Read More »

How to Know if a Car Needs a New Clutch?

All vehicles with a manual transmission will have a friction clutch between the engine and gearbox, allowing the driver to pull away from a standstill and change gears. Clutches are hard wearing, b... Read More »

What is a PTO clutch?

A PTO clutch, or power take-off clutch, controls a tractor's power take-off shaft. This device gives separate power to other parts of the tractor such as the dump pan. PTO clutches are available se... Read More »