What happens when a chlorophyll molecule absorbs light?

Answer Photosynthesis is the process plants, photosynthetic protists, and photosynthetic bacteria use to convert light, water, and carbon dioxide into sugars and oxygen. Chlorophyll is the primary pigment... Read More »

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What Absorbs the Light Energy for Photosynthesis?

Nearly every living organism on Earth depends upon photosynthesis. Those organisms that don't get their energy directly from sunlight get their energy by eating plants that do, or eating organisms ... Read More »

What Happens to the Light That Is Absorbed by the Chlorophyll?

Most plants produce their own food in the form of sugar, usually in their leaves. Light from the sun is combined with carbon dioxide from the air and water from the ground to produce the simple su... Read More »

Which cloth absorbs the most water?

Wool fabrics are considered the most absorbent type of cloth. The wool fibers that make up wool fabric are capable of absorbing up to roughly 30 percent of their weight. Cotton fabrics can only a... Read More »

What color absorbs solar heat the best?

The color black is most well known for its ability to absorb vast amounts of solar heat. Solar collectors are frequently painted in flat black for this very purpose. Black surfaces absorb solar hea... Read More »