What happens when a child drinks alcohol?

Answer Exactly the same thing as when an adult drinks, but on a larger scale. Children generally weigh less, and so the same amount of alcohol that would make an adult dizzy or perhaps more talkative woul... Read More »

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What happens if an athlete drinks alcohol before running?

Athletes reacts to alcohol just like any other humans, if they drink a lot they get drunk, if they drink just a little nothing much happens. Somewhere in between their performance starts to drop.

What happens when someone drinks too much.?

men get to have sex and women get to get pregnant

What happens when a pregnant woman drinks?

Your child most likely have birth defects, your child won't be healthy,your child may be born with diseases such as autism. Please do not drink while pregnant and if you already did then first off ... Read More »

What happens if an 8 year old drinks 3 boost energy drinks?

That's the same as giving her like 6 espressos. Are you freaking crazy? Nothing will happen to her except shell have a hell of a lot of energy, don't do it again. The caffeine is those can be addi... Read More »