What happens when a check you have cashed bounces?

Answer If you've deposited a customer's bad check into your account, the results can become uncomfortable for both parties. The options available to secure payment may come as a surprise.TypesChecks can b... Read More »

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What Happens When a Bank Customer Bounces a Check?

A "bounced" check occurs when you write a check amount that is more than the available balance in your checking or savings account. You might bounce a check by accident if you do not monitor your d... Read More »

What happens if the check bounces from tax returns?

On One Hand: Penalty for Bounced CheckIf you write a check to the Internal Revenue Service to pay your taxes and the check bounces, the IRS can impose a penalty. The penalty is normally 2 percent o... Read More »

What happens when you write a bad check?

The writer of a bad check may find that the resulting financial and emotional repercussions, including pricey penalties, canceled accounts and credit problems, outweigh the short-term gain."Bounced... Read More »

Can a stale dated check be cashed?

Each financial institution has its own policy regarding stale dated checks or those that are more than six months old based upon the date written at the top. Under the United States Uniform Commerc... Read More »