What happens when a cat has intestinal parasites?

Answer If you suspect your cat has internal parasites, you should take your feline to the vet for treatment. Many vets will recommend your cat gets checked for parasites yearly, even if he or she is not e... Read More »

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Fish & Intestinal Parasites?

Intestinal parasites infect both fresh and salt water fish. Parasites depend on the fish as a source of food during all or part of its life cycle. The parasites benefit from the interaction, but th... Read More »

What are some natural remedies for intestinal parasites?

Black walnut extract. The directions are on the bottle. Use it for a week.

Can intestinal parasites provoke yeast infections?

Candida overgrowth, or yeast infections, are frequently associated with parasitical infestations, the most common including trematodes (flukes), nematodes (pinworms, roundworms) and testodes (tapew... Read More »

I don't believe in modern medicine, how do I shock the parasites right out of my intestinal tract?