What happens when a case has been dismissed?

Answer A judge will dismiss your case If something went wrong while you were arrested, paperwork was not filed correctly in the lawsuit against you, or the person pressing charges falsified statements.Pur... Read More »

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What happens if your bankruptcy case is not dismissed?

Actually, if your bankruptcy is not dismissed, that's good news. A dismissed bankruptcy is not the ideal outcome for those seeking this type of legal debt relief. What bankruptcy filers typically s... Read More »

What happens when Chapter 13 is dismissed?

A dismissal occurs when a bankruptcy case is terminated before completion or "discharge." In a Chapter 13 case, a debtor may request a voluntary dismissal or have his case dismissed involuntarily i... Read More »

What happens when your bankruptcy is dismissed?

If you elected to dismiss or if the court dismissed your bankruptcy case, you may wonder what happens in the aftermath. A variety of consequences can occur following a bankruptcy dismissal.Creditor... Read More »

How to Have a Case Dismissed?

Case dismissal, whereby the charges against a defendant are legally discharged, can only occurs if the judge or prosecution decides to discontinue the case. Having a case dismissed requires that th... Read More »