What happens when a baby who was just born turns purple and doesn't cry?

Answer It means the baby was still born or can breath

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Describe what happens when a baby is born?

What happens to the umbilical when the baby is born?

Soon after birth the umbilical cord is clamped about 7 to 10mm from the infant's abdomen, the cord is then cut, separating the new born from the placenta. The baby will wear a cord tie or a plastic... Read More »

What happens when a baby is born with no anus hole open?

It gets a colostomy, a opening on the belly where they put the colon and attach a bag to it.

My plasma tv wont work , when i turn it on it just does some wierd noise and just turns off , what do i do?

you have power supply issues. Call a local service company and let them diagnose it and fix it for you. The only alternatives are you fix it yourself if you are technically inclined and have access... Read More »