What happens when a baby is born with no anus hole open?

Answer It gets a colostomy, a opening on the belly where they put the colon and attach a bag to it.

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Was their ever a case where a baby was born through the anus, is it even possible If so what is the disorder?

There is a condition called obstetric fistula. A baby gets stuck for several days. The baby usually dies. The wall of the vagina gets damaged and sometimes breaks through to either the bladder o... Read More »

Why are baby born with a hole in his or her heart is known as a blue baby?

A hole in the septum between the two atria causes some of the blood to be diverted away from the lungs so it doesn't get oxygenated. Lack of oxygen, called cyanosis, causes tissue to take on a blui... Read More »

What happens if the baby is born with the hole in the heart?

Who was the first baby born with a hole in his heart in new york?

on average they tend to hold their bottle at 8 months mine was 6 months but it all depends on how well they co ordinate using hand and mouth.