What happens when a baby gets delivered?

Answer Let's see, a woman who is in labor pushes the baby out, usually with the excited dad coaching her on. Once the baby is out of the womb unless there is a very short cord the midwife or doctor lifts ... Read More »

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What happens when a baby boy gets circumsized?

It will hurt, but only momentarily. And the baby will not be able to remember it anyway, but a grown man having it done certainly would. The baby will have a sore spot for a few days, which you n... Read More »

What happens if a baby gets bit by a walker?

What Happens When a Map Sensor Gets Wet in a Car?

A car's engine is full of varying sensors that communicate specifics about the environment surrounding the devices, so the on-board computer can alter functions for peak performance. The manifold a... Read More »

What happens when a horse gets colic?

Colic, abdominal pain, is the main cause of horses dying in the United States, according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP). Mild colic may require minimal medical intervent... Read More »