What happens when I win my law suit against the company were I was hurt and I am on social security diability income Do I loose it or can I combine the two incomes what happens to my ssdi income?

Answer AnswerTry searching the Social Security webiste here would be considered a secondary payer and would have to have an EOB from the primary company before... Read More »

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On United States Social Security Disability income how much monthly income can you make before having to report it and possibly lose benefits?

You are legally required to report all earned income on your IRS tax forms, which automatically makes the information available to the Social Security Administration. The SSA asks that you notify ... Read More »

Can you collect Social Security widow's benefits& Social Security income?

You cannot collect Social Security widow's benefits and Social Security income at the same time, according to the Social Security Administration. If Social Security income benefits are higher than ... Read More »

Do i have to pay income tax on my social security?

The Social Security Administration states that you have to pay income tax on Social Security benefits if you are an individual with more than $25,000 or a married couple with more than $32,000 in t... Read More »

Is there income tax on Social Security?

People who have an income source other than Social Security benefits, such as funding from a job, business or spouse, may have to pay income taxes on anywhere from 50 to 85 percent of their Social ... Read More »