What happens to your downloaded photos after you take one?

Answer When someone grabs a photo from your blog and you happen to run into it some other place:1) write a legalese cease and desist letter2) if that doesn't help, sue for copyright infringement3) profit!!

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Why do you have to take contact lenses out after so many hours, what happens if you exceed the time?

When you first get contact lenses, it can take a while to get used to them. One of the reasons you are advised to wear them for a short time is that your eyes may get dry. Don't panic too much. ... Read More »

How can photos be downloaded to the iPad?

You can email them to the iPad, or you can use the camera connection kit to connect your digital camera directly to the iPad through USB or by inserting an SD card into the dock connector adapter.

How can you delete unwanted songs from your iPod nano after you downloaded them?

delete them from your itunes libaray then update your ipod.

What happens to your debt after you die?

When you die your creditors might or might not get paid, depending on state laws. The amount you owed and your assets will also be determinants.SignificanceWhen you die, the executor of your estate... Read More »