What happens to your downloaded photos after you take one?

Answer When someone grabs a photo from your blog and you happen to run into it some other place:1) write a legalese cease and desist letter2) if that doesn't help, sue for copyright infringement3) profit!!

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How can photos be downloaded to the iPad?

You can email them to the iPad, or you can use the camera connection kit to connect your digital camera directly to the iPad through USB or by inserting an SD card into the dock connector adapter.

I downloaded Quicktime as Hotmail suggested, but I still can't open/view photos in my email?

Are you sure you're trying to watch photos? My best guess is that you are trying to open some spyware/malware/trojan/virus...

Memorable photos are deleted by formating my memory card in camera,can i getback the photos?

Whoops, that'll teach you.Very doubtful if you can retrieve them if you have formatted the card.but... try one of the recovery programmes which you can find on the web, depending on the type of for... Read More »

The screen wallpaper photos of underwater fish, are they computer enhanced or real photos do you think?