What happens to your debt after you die?

Answer When you die your creditors might or might not get paid, depending on state laws. The amount you owed and your assets will also be determinants.SignificanceWhen you die, the executor of your estate... Read More »

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What happens if you never pay your College debt?

The only way that one would accrue that type of debt at a community college is if they did not borrow responsibly. (Students often exaggerate their loan liability. I hear is all the time.) Always... Read More »

What Happens When Someone Has a Judgment on Your Debt?

Creditors attempt to collect debts from consumers in a variety of ways. Some may send numerous debt collection letters, others may call repeatedly and some companies will use collection agencies to... Read More »

What Happens When a Credit Debt Judgment Happens?

Credit cards provide a rapid and convenient way for consumers to make purchases. Unfortunately, that same speed and convenience makes overspending more likely. If an individual fails to keep close ... Read More »

What happens to your body after a baby?

It really depends on the person and as far as your belly , how much weight you gained while pregnant . With my 1st I was 32 and lost all the weight fairly quickly and only gained 25lbs. This go aro... Read More »