What happens to your Financial Aid while on Scholarship?

Answer It depends on the provisions of your scholarship. Some allow you to draw financial aid in lieu of the scholarship while others allow either partial financial aid against the scholarship. Informatio... Read More »

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What happens if you do not complete a year of Calculus before Junior year while being a 4 year scholarship winner for NROTC?

Yes, there is my friend who lives in Hawaii talks about JROTC and ROTC all the time.

What happens when your medically disqualified ROTC scholarship can you still be an officer?

What happens to your baby if you take steroids while pregnant?

It could be affected very badly with the worst outcome of it being brain-damaged.

What happens while smoking weed when your pregnant?

The alchool contained withing the plant, tetrahydrocannabinol, will be fed to the unborn creature causing all the symptoms of withdrawal as any other marijuana smoking person would have. This condi... Read More »