What happens to you in foreclosure of your condominium?

Answer When your condominium is foreclosed upon, the lender assumes ownership of the unit. You may be able to work with the lender to finalize a date by which you will vacate the property; it's unreasonab... Read More »

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Condominium foreclosure by hoa in Florida?

It's unclear from your question who owns the property, who is foreclosing on the unit and the reason for the foreclosure. If you own the property, and you owe money -- either to a lender, to a tax... Read More »

Can a condominium association enter a unit that is in foreclosure?

It's a good idea to check with the current owner -- the bank, or whomever owns the unit -- before entering it.For safety and security reasons -- to inspect for potential frozen pipes, turn off the ... Read More »

Can a condominium association cut off TV cable service while a person is in foreclosure?

If your assessments pay for cable services and you have not paid your assessments, the association may deny you this service. If you are in foreclosure and continue to pay your assessments, you can... Read More »

What happens to a first mortgage on a condo in California when the condominium is the one doing the foreclosure for the association fees?

Generally: The first mortgagee would receive notice, may choose to pay the overdue fees and add those to the amount due to the bank. If not, the condominium association would acquire the unit subj... Read More »