What happens to women who lie to get an order of protection in Missouri?

Answer Lying to a court about any fact which could substantially affect the courts decision during any official proceeding is considered perjury by the state of Missouri. Perjury is a felony offense under... Read More »

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What happens if you violate an order of protection?

Courts issue orders of protection (OP) to stop abusers from threatening, harassing or physically harming their children, spouses or former partners. Criminal OP violations lead to jail time, while ... Read More »

What is a stipulated order of protection?

A stipulated order of protection is a court order that requires one person to stay away from another person, but that allows for certain conditions, such as child visitation or communication in cer... Read More »

What Is a Civil Protection Order in Ohio?

Civil protective orders are designed to protect the plaintiff (the person filing the order) from the defendant (the person against whom the order is filed). Because these orders are through the civ... Read More »

What did women wear for sanitary protection in Henry the eighth's time?

Women in the time of King Henry VIII did not wear anything to control menstrual bleeding. Menstrual fluid was allowed to flow freely. It is possible that long skirts were worn to hide this blood ... Read More »