Are leased cars insured?

Answer When leasing a car, you must purchase your own insurance, according to Lease Guide. Additionally, your lease dictates how much coverage you must carry, which may differ from a previous policy.Sourc... Read More »

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What is the tire tread depth requirement for leased cars?

The tire tread requirement is 3/32 inches or less for cars leased through Toyota Financial Services. For vehicles financed by Ford Credit, excessive wear is when tread depth is less than 1/8 inch a... Read More »

If you own two cars do you have to carry the same auto insurance on both cars even if both cars are in your name?

You can have ins on both car with same ins polictyAnswerYes, You need both cars insured. the vechicle can be added to your policy.

Can you put a hitch on a leased car?

Feel free to put a hitch on your leased vehicle. Just make sure you contact the dealership to get approval before wasting time and money. Chances are the dealership will want to install the hitch t... Read More »

What happens when you trade in a leased car?

When you trade in a leased car, the lease account is terminated, and the finance company is informed of the vehicle return. Depending on the procedures used by your lender, the vehicle may be inspe... Read More »