What happens to the kids of illegal immigrants?

Answer It depends If the child was born on American soil, the child is a legal citizen. The child then has the option of staying, be it a very poor option.

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What did Obama say about illegal immigrants at state of the union address?

The Vice President and the speaker of the House (of Representatives). They are Currently Joe Biden(VP) and John Boehner (SOTHOR)

What Are My Responsibilities as a Landlord Regarding Illegal Immigrants Living in My Property?

Immigration policies in the U.S. are currently under much debate, which also applies to policies regarding renting property to illegal immigrants. Some states have made renting to illegal immigrant... Read More »

Who are illegal immigrants in the US?

How to Report Illegal Immigrants?

Illegal immigrants are common across the United States and often in other countries as well. They can drain the resources that should be allocated to citizens of that country, and they take advanta... Read More »