What happens to the fetus of a seventeen week old baby after a miscarriage?

Answer That late people usually prefer bury it but you can leave it at the hospital too. There it will first be examined and then disposed according to the law as human waste and get burned.

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Your seventeen week old fetus appears to have his stomach on the right hand side of his body but all other organs are in correct place what complications will this occur for him?

It may not have any complications. Organs on the 'wrong' side are quite common. It may even move to its normal position by the end of pregnancy.

What happens to your body after a baby?

It really depends on the person and as far as your belly , how much weight you gained while pregnant . With my 1st I was 32 and lost all the weight fairly quickly and only gained 25lbs. This go aro... Read More »

What happens to the placenta after a baby is born?

okay when the baby is born you have part of the imblilicacord with the baby. the imblilicacord is connected to the placenta. you will continue to have contractions until the placenta is out!

What happens to the umbilical arteries on the baby after the cord is cut?